3 Essentials For Every Bedroom

Make your bedroom a relaxing, peaceful space. Photo by Steve Bennett

A bedroom is the ultimate retreat in any home. From the hustle and bustle of busy family life to the stresses and strains of a demanding job, a bedroom is the one place you can go where you can relax, unwind and focus on yourself for a while. One of the most important keys to staying healthy is getting plenty of sleep! Here are a few things to keep in mind when remodeling your bedroom to keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Bedrooms are for SLEEPING!

As a very private, quiet space, it is tempting to use our bedrooms to escape to do some work late at night or take important phone calls. This is a common mistake people make; to aid relaxation and to help you drift off to sleep more easily, psychologically you should associate your bedroom area with sleeping. This is why it’s also never a good idea to have too many electronic gadgets in a bedroom, and televisions should be a strict no-no! Introducing these corrupting influences will disrupt the harmony of what should be a tranquil, restful space.

Never put a desk in your bedroom! Create an easily defined workspace elsewhere in the home; a study or guest bedroom is a better idea, or if you do a lot of work at home then seriously consider remodeling your attic, basement or garage into a home office.

Spoil yourself

A vanity area in your bedroom is essential. Even the most basics acts of getting ready in the morning – such as applying make-up, brushing your hair, making sure that tie is on straight – and winding down at night are an important ritual for your wellbeing.

Pampering and indulging yourself with simple things like a facemask or manicure and pedicure also contributes to the peaceful, calm atmosphere of the room. Your closet should also have plenty of space, and there should be lots of mirrors – not just to check yourself before you go out, but also to reflect lots of light into the room.

Chill out area

A lot of us also spend time reading, writing or listening to music lying on our beds. Why not get a big comfy armchair or even a chaise lounge where you can stretch out, put on some music and read a good book? That way you also keep the bed reserved for sleeping exclusively and create a dedicated area for relaxing in the evenings.

If you begin to follow these tips you’ll find that you’ll get lots more good quality sleep – so go ahead and check our design gallery for ideas on how to create a perfectly peaceful haven in your home.

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  1. dreamer12 says:

    I think my favorite addition to any bedroom is a fireplace. It really adds to the cozy feel in the cooler months and makes it a place to really curl up and find some much needed relaxation. A fireplace doesn’t seem to make it into to many master bedrooms these day and that’s a shame.

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