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By Dan Fritschen

To get your instant remodeling cost estimate answer just a few questions about your home and your plans in the space below.Once you have your instant cost estimate we can help you take the next step!

  • Learn more about adding of a family or a recreation  room by getting a free copy of our tip sheet.
  • Receive a free onsite cost estimate from several contractors. We will help you find the best one who works in your neighborhood.
  • Compare ways to save money by picking the right way to pay for the addition of your family or recreation room.

    recreation room stone fireplace wooden floor

    Recreation room with fireplace

10 tips to start your Family Room Remodel right!

  • Determine your budget using a Family Room  remodeling cost estimator
  • Search, save, and share design ideas using the IdeaFile
  • Hire an interior designer to review your needs and your homes current condition and get their advice and design ideas
  • Update design and budget as necessary
  • If your hiring a general contractor begin interviewing – interview at least 5
  • If you DIY, check with the local government to see if a permit is required.
  • After talking with contractors – write out a detailed specification for your project.
  • If you DIY, begin looking for tradespeople and sub-contrators to do the work you won’t do.
  • Review quotes and do background and reference check on contractors and create a contract
  • Sign contract and begin work!

How the Remodeling Cost Calculators Work

The remodeling cost calculator combines both methods to provide an estimate. The calculators use your location to estimate labor costs, your preferences for types of materials and fixtures as well as how much work you would like to do. Choosing economy, average or expensive materials for your remodel has a big impact on the overall costs for building your home. Use the Whole House Remodeling Cost calculator to get a quick estimate of the range to build your home

Get an instant estimate to add
Family Room or Rec Room

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