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Is it time to make more living space in your home? In the 50’s and 60’s it was common to have a single living room or family room for a 2 or 3 bedroom home. With changes in our lifestyles having just one room where the family can gather or for piano’s, TV or a library just does not work anymore!

The solution? Add family or rec room! A family or rec room can be used a a media center with a large TV and theater style seating or a pool table and a sectional couch. The room can also be set up with a piano, maybe even a grand! and shelves for books and a reading nook to make your very own library.

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Add Family or Rec Room Design Ideas

The search for design ideas is never ending!  But it is also a lot of fun and what most homeowners like the most about the remodeling project.  Try, and google image search to find thousands and thousands of photos and images of different family and rec room designs.  Once you find photos you like save them to a pinterest idea page and then set up your family members, architect, builder and designer as collaborators so they can view and save and comment on the photos too.

One central repository for family room design idea photos saves a lot of time and headaches and will assure you better results from your home addition.  Remember to make notes on each photo of items you like and may be do not like so later when you review the photo you will remember why you saved the photo in the first place!

Frequently Asked Add Family or Rec Room Questions:

Question: What are the costs of home rec room additions?

Answer:  The 4 cost drivers for home rec room additions are the location of the home, who does the work to design and build the rec room, the size of the family room and the materials that you choose for the floor, walls, windows etc in your rec. room.

Question: What is the cost to add on a family room

Answer:  You can get an instant estimate for the cost to add on a family room using our free instant family room addition cost calculator.  click here to get an estimate now.


Question: How does a family room addition calculator work?

Answer:  Our family room addition cost calculator uses your homes location, information you provide about who will do the work, the size of your remodel and the cost of the materials you will use to provide a cost estimate.

Question:  what is the 24 x 24 home addition cost?

Answer: The cost to build a 24 x 24 home addition with a simple gable roof, with a slab foundation, 3 windows, 1 door and hardwood floors is $95,000.

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