decorate your walls with unique objects

Think outside the box when you are considering wall decorations.

by Janet Akers


I was helping my brother to decorate the foyer of his remodeled home.  When he added a second story onto the existing home, he designed a 2-story foyer.  The walls were bare and he wanted something welcoming and unusual.  Stored away were a number of obis that they had purchased inexpensively when they were living in Japan.  Obis are the sashes used with traditional kimono outfits.  These were women’s obis, 12 inches wide and at least 13 feet long.  We decided that they would make a dynamic statement if hung diagonally on one of the foyer walls, as well as being out for all to enjoy.


We put up two obis to make sure it was the look my brother wanted.  We will be adding a third, above the darker obi, as groups of three are generally more pleasing.  It is in the same color scheme as the lower obi.  We also tried hanging a mirror on top of the obis to break things up a bit.


Because I didn’t want to damage the material, I carefully sewed loops of yarn on the backside of the obi, about every 2 feet. I used a neutral color that matched the wall paint because I didn’t want the loops to stand out. The photos below show the loops on the back and front of the obi.  One of the obis was longer than the other; I gently folded back the extra length so that they would appear to be the same size.  Since we were testing out the idea, we just used round headed push pins to mount the obis on the wall.  Other, more finished options would be small brass or copper nails, upholstery tacks, or decorative push pins.



















My brother and I used obis for this project because that is what he had on hand.  However, if you would like to duplicate the look, you could use other kinds of sashes or even table runners.  Just remember to think outside the box when you are looking for wall decorations!