by Janet Akers


When you are remodeling your home and want more bathroom facilities, consider a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.  A Jack-and-Jill bathroom is one that has two entry doors.  Often the bathroom is between two bedrooms and has no access to a hallway.  In this configuration, the bedrooms have a single semi-private bath.  Sometimes the entire bathroom is shared.  Other times there are separate sinks for each bedroom, with a shared toilet and shower/tub.  In either case, the homeowner avoids the cost and space required for a full second bathroom.


Guests can access the shower through a door that connects the hallway powder room with a full bath off a bedroom.

Guests can access the shower through a door that connects the hallway powder room with a full bath off a bedroom.

However, dual bedrooms is not the only placement that benefits from a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.  Take the case of a recent ranch home remodel.  The original master bedroom was small with a very small bathroom.  On the other side of the master bathroom, there was an additional small bathroom that served the other bedroom on the main floor of the house.  The homeowners wanted a larger master suite, which they obtained by creating a master bedroom addition over the garage.  The original master suite then became a bedroom and en suite bath for their daughter.  The second bedroom is currently being used as a guest room.


Since the bathroom facilities were out of date and in need of repair, the homeowners decided to remodel them.  They had no need for two full baths in the main part of the house, so they opted to rearrange the space originally occupied by the dual bathrooms.  The wall between the two rooms was moved so that the space of the original master bathroom was enlarged somewhat.  It now houses a sink, toilet, and good-sized shower enclosure.  (Part of that bathroom is shown in the right side of the photo).  The original hall bathroom, which is now somewhat smaller, has become a powder room, with only a sink and a toilet.  (Part of the powder room is shown on the left side of the photo).  Should guests in the newly remodeled home need to use shower facilities, they can access them through a pocket door that connects the two bathrooms.  The pocket door locks on both sides to ensure privacy when someone is using each bathroom.


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