2nd Floor Addition

2nd floor addition

2nd floor additions are a great way to add living space to a home, preserve the yard and potentially increase its value.

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A 2nd floor addition is often built to add a master suite or several bedrooms to  a home.  A second floor addition has the benefit of saving some of the yard when compared to a ground floor addition.  But that is really the only savings for most second story additions – the need for a staircase and the structural upgrades often outweigh any benefit.  A staircase requires 50 to 100 square feet of living space on both the first and second floors – some of this space can be used for storage but most is “wasted”.

Second story additions often require addition structural supports in areas prone to earthquakes and high winds and these changes can increase the cost of home additions significantly compared to first floor additions. The other challenge with many 2nd storey additions is that they are often greater inconveniences and many times require homeowners to move out for several months during the construction process.

While there are many downsides to a 2nd floor addition a big advantage is that a seconds floor addition changes the look of a home dramatically – for the better or worse.  So if you like your neighborhood and need the extra space for a master bedroom, bedrooms or a family room and want to update your home a 2nd storey addition is often a great option.

To get ideas for your second story addition try searching on pinterest.com, houzz,com and google image search for pictures of designs you like. Once you find photos and images that appeal to you save them to a pinterest board that , you share with your family, architect, builder and others involved in your project.  As collaborators on your pinterest board these people can view what you post, comment and also find and post pictures of their own.  Using pinterest is a great way to manage the home design process.