2nd story addition

2nd Story addition

How much will it cost to remodel and how do I get a 2nd story additions cost estimate using a cost calculator are common questions from homeowners. RemodelOrMove.com provides this guide and tools and all the information you need to use a 2nd story additions cost calculator and start your remodel right!

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Adding a second story is a great choice for some homes and homeowners and not the right choice for others.  Advantages of a second story addition are that is saves some of the yard and it changes the appearance of the home – some say it makes it more “majestic” which could be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes and goals.

Advantages of a ground floor addition versus a second floor addition are that typically a ground floor addition is less expensive because of savings from the extra complexities of a second story that includes a stair case (expensive to build, finish and “wastes” 70 square feet of living space on the first and 2nd floor – so 140 square feet total), less inconvenience since a ground floor addition can be built with minimal intrusion into your existing home compared to a 2nd story addition where you may have to move out.

How much does an addition cost – ground floor versus second floor?  the cost will depend on the design and where you home is located. In areas prone to hurricanes or earthquakes 2nd floors require additional support than first floor additions.