Photo by Architects Home Design

Photo by Architects Home Design

Small Kitchens do present challenges for design.  There are so many elements that need to be included in a kitchen that when the overall size of the room is small – there can be just not enough room.

Here are 3 tips that can help with designing your new small kitchen so it will be fantastic after your renovation.

1. Counter space, counter space, counter space.  Work to give yourself as much counter space as possible.  Even if that means a smaller stove and sink.  Also make sure there is plenty of lighting – both natural and artificial.  Many small kitchens look even smaller because they are dark and poorly lit. Also consider getting a portable island – a small one on casters that can be rolled into and out of the kitchen so you have it when you need it.

2. Smart Storage is especially important in a small kitchen were every inch matters.  A lot of the “gimmicks” and “niceties” in a big kitchen are a necessity in a small kitchen.  Spice racks on the inside of cabinet doors, fancy access drawers for corner cabinets and organizers under the sink can really help manage all the stuff.

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3. Do you need all the appliances?  The sun did still rise and set before microwaves, dishwashers, 6 burner stove tops and commercial sized refrigerators.  If you can minimize the size or better yet eliminate any of these appliances  you will save a lot of space.  Also consider putting in a recess into the wall behind a normal depth refrigerator so it sits flush with the cabinets instead of standing out 6 inches and taking up precious floor space.