The attic may provide additional living space for your home.  Photo by Carrie Qualters

The attic may provide additional living space for your home. Photo by Carrie Qualters

By Dan Fritschen


Attic bedrooms can be some of the most interesting and exciting rooms in a home to design and decorate.  They have special challenges that often include access, cooling, odd shaped walls and ceilings.  Try our attic finishing cost calculator.


Here are 3 tips to help you get the perfect attic bedroom design for your home.


1. If you need to build stairs or improve access to the new attic bedrooms work hard to keep this space open, easy to use and so that it compliments the rest of the home.  The value of your new attic space will be limited if only mountain climbers can navigate the small steps or tight corners.  Even if it means taking some space from other rooms – work to make the access to your attic so that it is open, inviting and easily navigated by everyone.


2. Attic rooms are exposed more than any other room to the elements so take extra precautions to ensure good ventilation and insulation from the heat of summer and cold of winter.  Even for DIYers this is a good time to call in a pro to help with the selection of materials and the design.  Since you have one chance to get it right and i have never heard anyone complain about a room being too well insulated have your designer tell you the minimum to make it comforable then add 50% to everything!  No I am serious.  The added cost will be minimal and avoiding the room for some reason being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter is worth the gamble.


3.  Embrace the odd shape of the room.  Instead of working to put a traditional cube room design in an attic start with the space as is and look for clever and attractive way to utilize the space.  Maybe a smaller bed or less furniture.  Look for lots of inspiration and save the attic bedroom design pictures you find using the ideafile