A common mistake homeowners make is not considering all their options at the start of a renovating project. This can be a very costly mistake. Homeowners should always take


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their time before making any initial decisions. I see this frequently when homeowners are making the renovate-or-move decision. An example is a homeowner who wants an updated kitchen, an additional bath and bedroom added to their home. A common mistake is to talk with a single architect or contractor – get a price to renovate and say “wow, it is cheaper to move” and off they go, never fully investigating the true cost of moving or the options that are available to maybe renovate for less. It is very likely that by making some simple design changes they could have reduced the cost of the renovation by many thousands of dollars.

The power and flexibility a homeowner has to control the costs of their renovation, and ultimately the success of their decision, is tremendous. However, because of the work and uncertainty involved, many homeowners never go much further than a quick cursory evaluation.

I recommend the following

-Talk with a real estate agent who is an expert in your neighborhood about your options for moving.

-Talk with a contractor about the options for renovating.

-Once you have this initial information, ask these professionals and others about what you could change in your plans or your approach that could help you better meet your goals.

-This website has a number of  online free cost calculators that can help you with your addition.  For assistance in making the decision of whether to remodel or move, click here. If you would like to get some cost estimates for remodeling existing rooms or for room additions, click here.  Two other resources on this website are the Contractor Referral and the Answer Center, where you can get advice on your remodeling questions.