Photo by James Thompson

We’re always so busy concentrating on what’s going on inside our homes that we forget that the outside of your home needs some care and attention too! When you think about it, it’s odd that we forget about our exteriors so much when this is the part of your home that most of the world will see every day – think about how much care you take in your hair, clothing, accessories and makeup each morning! Making the exterior of your home look smart and welcoming can be fairly easy.

Maintenance and Repair

The first thing you or anyone else will notice is if your home looks old, tired or dilapidated. Peeling paint, rotting woodwork, dirty windows and broken guttering will all make your home look run-down and uninviting. These kinds of problems are easily fixed, and you can actually tackle most of them yourself! Take a weekend to give your home some TLC and with minimal effort you’ll see a vast improvement.

A Good Coat Of Paint

Painting the outside of your home gives you a chance to really stand out in your neighborhood! Polka dots or zebra stripes might not be quite appropriate, but a light, cheerful color will brighten up your community and make your home seem very appealing. If you don’t want a block of color or you have a brick home, make a vibrant front door a feature or pick out some trim using a bright color.

If you want your wood exterior to look natural, there are a range of different stain treatments available depending on the type of wood. Whether you want light and bright or rich and dark, you can still express yourself while showing off the natural beauty of the material.


An overgrown garden of weeds doesn’t look very inviting and can make your home look pretty unloved! If it’s a new home where the lawn has been neglected by the previous owner, think about hiring a gardener to give it a big overhaul as it’s likely to be a big project.

You should dedicate some time to pulling weeds, laying new turf and planting some new shrubs and flowers. Evergreen trees will keep your garden green all year round, while colorful, fragrant flowers will make your home very pleasant in summer.


You can create a welcoming in-between space by utilizing your porch or balcony at the front of your home. You can be friendly and neighborly as you watch the world go by while still maintaining some privacy. Add a table for some al fresco dining or barbecues on the warm summer nights.