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It’s natural to want to create your dream home when you decide to remodel, and the biggest obstacle any of us face is the potentially massive costs involved. Keeping costs low and saving on remodeling doesn’t need to mean you cut corners or compromise on your vision. Here we have a few simple tips to drastically reduce the cost of any renovations you’re planning.

Ask For Discounts!

This is one of the best cost saving methods and one that people are the most reluctant to use. Remember the old maxim: ask and ye shall receive! If you’re not comfortable with haggling then don’t worry – simply by being friendly, considerate and building a rapport with a designer, contractor or even just a store worker, you can ask for a 10% discount and more often than not you will get it! Remember, a smile goes a long way. Also, if you have a good relationship with a designer or contractor, they can do the bargaining for you as they’re more experienced. Professionals are also more likely to be able to use an industry discount too.

Learn to Do It Yourself

This sounds easier said than done, right? Wrong! Learning to DIY can be as simple as watching a YouTube video or checking a book out of your local library. Of course it may not be a great idea to learn to build a whole home addition via the medium of YouTube, but for simple home repairs, tips on how to restore furniture or do your own plastering, it’s a pretty great tool.

You’ll also find your local library will have plenty of how-to guides for a wide variety of home improvements, and if you want to take on a big project yourself then there’s a wide range of evening classes available where you can learn to do just that.

And don’t forget: practice makes perfect.

Search For Bargains Online

In the age of eBay, Amazon and ASOS, this is something you’re probably already familiar with. Scouring sites such as eBay can be great for picking up a bargain on fixtures and fittings – I even had a friend who bought a whole kitchen on eBay for just $500! Sites such as craigslist are also full of listings for items that people are giving away cheaply or for free.

But this does come with a word of warning: be sure your seller is reputable and has extensive pictures and info about their product. The eBay seller dispute resolution process is a lot trickier than just returning a faulty item to a shop. Be completely sure that what you’re buying is exactly what you need and is in good working order.

Do some price matching

Here’s the easiest, sneakiest tip on the list: take your Smartphone with you when you go shopping. Look around a few stores and take pictures of the varying prices of the products you want: most stores will drop their prices in a second when presented with evidence that a competitor is selling something cheaper! There are also now some apps available where you can scan a barcode and see if you can find it cheaper online.

So now that you know how to remodel for less, take advantage of our design gallery or remodel calculator and see exactly how much you can save on creating your dream home.