According to National Association of the Remodeling Industry or NARI, the kitchen is number one on the list for most homeowners to renovate. So, if you’re worried about how

Photo by Architects Home Design

to fix your home, particularly your kitchen, you need to leave the worries behind as you are not alone in the world! For some, a simple renovation in the kitchen would make a big difference and great impact in the viewer’s eyes. Here are some tips on how to remodel your kitchen the easiest and quickest way:


Kitchen cabinets play a big part in the look of a kitchen. If you’re on a budget constraint, you can improve the look of your cabinet by using new hardware on the doors and drawers. You can find these at a variety of locations, including hardware stores, home improvement stores, and discount stores.


It may look like it doesn’t play a big role in the kitchen, but counter-tops add to the kitchen drama. Some homes will have granite or stone counter-tops. This may be out of budget, but you can find other counter-tops that can be modern yet not so expensive. No matter what kind of material you will be using,  it makes a big impact on how the kitchen will look.


No matter how grand the kitchen looks or how expensive the appliances or the materials are, it won’t have appeal unless the lighting works well. Lighting, adds look, functionality and drama in the entire kitchen scene. If you don’t want an overly bright kitchen, you can use light dimmers, alternate dim light and bright light, or even place warm lights in the ceiling to make it more cozy.  Check with home improvement stores to gather suggestions on how to improve the lighting in your kitchen.


Cost-wise, paint comes in very cheap and really affordable. As select your paint, make sure it works with the kitchen’s theme, the color of the cabinets, the color of the counter-tops and even flooring.


There is a great variety in flooring available for your kitchen.  There are the more traditional choices in vinyl, tile, and wood, as well as many less commonly used materials, including brick, bamboo, and linoleum. Shopping around the market gives you ideas of which you prefer and which will best fit your budget.

If you need help in getting an estimate of the cost of your kitchen remodel, you can use our free, online Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator.  We also offer remodeling workbooks and organizers.  Click here to take a look at them.