by Dan Fritschen


Furniture arrangement is an art. Fortunately, there are many resources where you can study and learn about it! The most important element in arranging furniture in your living room is establishing working relationships among individual pieces of furniture within the room’s context.


Your living room needs close attention paid to the arrangement of it’s furniture as this is a room you, your family and your guests will spend a lot of time in. It has to be able to accommodate a lot of people while also retaining an intimate feel; it should also be relaxing and cozy. If it’s also used as the family room then you need to find ways to balance both the chaotic messiness of everyday family life with the more sophisticated occasions when you’re entertaining! Some space should be saved for more formal activities in such a living room.


Of course, the options as to how the room can be arranged are endless. Before deciding how to arrange the room, keep in mind the following tips:



A table near each chair is great for space to put your drink or snack on, reading material, remote control devices, or anything you might need at hand.

Traffic between people and the television should be avoided if possible.

Grouping chairs a comfortable three to four feet apart is excellent spacing for conversations. A love seat or sofa with two comfy chairs on each side is a relaxed and surefire arrangement for this purpose

Build furniture into the room, like shelves and consoles. This is a great strategy to make the most of uncommon spaces. You can’t take built-ins with you if you move but that might not be a bad thing!

For privacy, place a screen by the wall if your front door opens directly into your living room.

If a room is too-large cut it down to size. Large rooms can seem alienating. Creating more than one intimate seating and activity area is a great way to solve this problem.


The architectural elements in the room, and their location, will help guide you on your best living room layout. Be creative! Prepare a list of all the activities that will take place in the room. Next, include all of the furniture and electrical appliances that will play a part in the room.


More practice will help you perfect your artistic talents in furniture arrangement. Determining the size of your living room is where you start. How much space do you have? What furniture is absolutely necessary for the room? Get measurements of the hallways, stairs and doors if you are buying new furniture. And make sure any larger pieces of furniture such as couches will actually fit through doorways! Staircases can also be difficult to negotiate when moving furniture.


You don’t want a tunnel for a living room so be creative when decorating a long narrow living room.  The living room will have a better ambiance if traffic in the room is not allowed to go through where people are seated; create a corridor space away from the main seating area. Break up the room to create the social areas that you desire.


The biggest things to consider in arranging your living room are the shape of the room, the needs of the room and the size of the room; but don’t be afraid to get creative and show flair in your furniture arrangement!


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