Finding the right contractor for your room addition can make the difference between a successful project and a miserable disaster. To find the best, here are a few tips:.

room addition contractor

Careful consideration can help you find the best contractor for your job.

1. Clearly understand your goals and expectations. Do you want to hire, and pay for, a full service contractor that has nice offices, custom painted trucks, fancy advertisements and possibly a wide range of services, or do you want a small company or a one man show? Their prices will vary, and in remodeling, high price and high quality don’t necessarily go together.

2. Have a good idea what your remodel will cost before you start getting quotes. This sounds a bit ridiculous, but it is better to have a general idea what the quotes will be before you get them so you can focus on comparing other aspects of the contractors. To get a quick estimate of the cost for your room addition, use our free online calculators by clicking here.

3. Ask everyone and look everywhere for room addition contractors to get quotes from. You will be better off getting quotes from 5 contractors than 3, and you will be much better off getting 10 quotes instead of 5. It seems like a lot of work, and it is, but in doing so you will likely get a better contractor to work with, for you and your project.

4. Check the contractors’ references. Have a list of 5 or so questions and ask each of the contractors’ references when you call.

and finally

5. Check on their credentials, licenses, insurance, etc. It varies by region, but at minimum the contractor should have insurance and a business permit. If not keep looking. Also do an internet search on both their business name and their personal name to see if there are any good or bad comments posted.

If you want to use our free contractor referral service, click here. To help you with your selection process, we also offer a Contractor Selection Workbook: A step-by-step guide so you can select the right contractor.

Good luck. Invest some time in finding the best room addition contractor and you will have a successful project.