2012 Update: Many people still make the mistake of not making their houses look their best before putting them on the market. It’s essential that your home looks in good repair and as welcoming and clutter-free as possible. In the economic downturn, homeowners are much more cautious when it comes to buying a new home, and want to make sure they are getting the most for their money. The housing slump has made it harder to sell houses so you truly have to go the extra mile to make sure your home really stands out.

There are some improvements that can help a home sell for more money and should be considered by homeowners especially when updating is appropriate. The rooms that have the largest impact on a buyer’s opinion of a home are the front entry, bathrooms and kitchen. An updated kitchen with new appliances, countertops and attractive cabinets will make buyers excited and can make the difference when they are deciding between two homes. But the cost and time necessary to make such a kitchen doesn’t make it worthwhile if you are preparing to sell. Instead focus on making only minor, cosmetic repairs and improvements such as:

  • Painting the interior
  • Painting stained or dated cabinets and woodwork
  • New door hardware
  • New faucets and fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • New light fixtures, switch plates and electrical outlets and covers
  • New baseboard and door trim

Updating or adding a bathroom could also be in your plans.  While it certainly isnt easy or inexpensive it can be a fantastics investment because the condition and number of bathrooms are super important for the value of your home.  Get an instant bathroom addition or remodeling estimate at remodelormove.com.