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For such a small room, bathrooms are often the most difficult and expensive to remodel.  To help we have created a list of 6 tips for remodeling a bathroom.

1.  Do lots of research.  Gather as many pictures of entire bathrooms, as well as the tiniest details of what you like and don’t like.  Give your contractor a little help by telling them you do or don’t like the tile around the window, or the way the water supplies come out of the wall.  You will be happier with the results if you decide on how these details look rather than leave it up to the workman.

2. Consider reconfiguring the room.  I have told many people about how expensive it is to move plumbing just a few inches, which is true.  But it is also true that remodeling a bathroom with a bad layout and not fixing the layout will result in, well, a remodeled bathroom with a bad layout.  So if the room would be better with the toilet on the other wall, talk to the contractor about it, maybe it won’t be that expensive to move after all.

3. A small bathroom is a small bathroom.  Putting in big fixtures won’t make it a big bathroom. So optimize the design and decoration of the bathroom you have.  You can make it great by careful and thoughtful design.

4. Invest in good quality flooring.  Bathrooms get a lot of abuse and having to replace the flooring in the bathroom after a few years can be expensive.  Plus, cheaper flooring may not protect the subfloor from water damage – and water damage can be very expensive.  So pick flooring that looks good, and is very resilient to wear, water, and cleaning.

5. If you can’t find or decide on the perfect faucets and fixtures today – go ahead and put in cheap ones for a few years (which is about how long they will last), then swap them out for the nice stuff when you find it.  This may cost you less in the end because you will have more time to shop for a great deal.

6. Reinforce the towel rods from the start.  One day someone will grab the towel rod and give it a tug – even though it isn’t designed to be a grab bar.  And it may pull of the wall.  So take a minute to put a few framing members behind where the towel rod will.  That way  you can mount the grab bar onto a surface that will hold up.

Good luck on your bathroom remodel!  Click here to check out our Bathroom Remodel Workbook.  We also have a free online cost calculator to help you estimate the cost of your bathroom remodel.