Some houses have attics that are not being used. If you happen to have one of these homes and are considering turning that untidy attic into a bedroom, then remember that it can

Careful planning can make your attic remodel go quickly and smoothly. Photo by Molly Stevens

give you a financial gain when you sell the house. However, it also has a certain degree of difficulty, because attics have some areas that need special consideration. To be able to design an attic finishing with ease, follow the suggestions that are mentioned below.

1. Organize your ideas carefully. A precise plan will enable you to finish your project on time and you will be prepared for any problems that will come while undergoing the remodeling.

2. Be sure that the type of room you would like to have is suitable to the space.

3. Since the attic is located at the top of your house, you need to think about where and how to enter it. This can be a very difficult task. If you are a budget-conscious person, you will select a spot that requires the minimum amount of construction. However, you also need to comply with the local building rules when it comes to exit doors.

4. It is important to plan according to the inclination of the roof. This needs attention because it can really influence the outcome, the budget and the use of the living space that you are trying to make.

5. Design the room where every space, even those dead spaces will be usable. The “dead space” is that space close to the exterior walls where the roof slopes down and there is not room enough to stand.  You can use these spaces for shelves or storage, for example.

6. The attic can get very hot so it is important that you use proper and adequate ventilation and insulation. Carefully evaluate the heating and cooling requirements. This is vital to make sure that the attic will be a comfortable place to rest or spend your time.

7. Think about wiring and plumbing before starting the project. It can be challenging to do these two tasks in an attic. So be certain that the electrical wires are not under the floor and allocate an area near a drain line for your bathroom to reduce expenses.

8. Plan your purchasing schedule. You need to consider when and how you will purchase the materials needed for the remodel so that the construction proceeds smoothly and with the least expense.

All in all, careful planning and attention to all aspects of the remodeling project are the best ways for you to be able to finish your tasks fast and easy. Remodeling your attic will not only increase your living area but it can also increase your house value.

If you would like to use our free, online cost calculator to get an estimate of the cost of your attic remodel, click here.  We also offer an Attic Remodeling Workbook to help you with your planning.