Decorating a small room doesn’t have to be difficult. Using a few tried and true rules will help your room feel unified, comfortable and anything but small.

Start from the ground up.

Be consistent with paint color.

Avoid using too many pieces of lightweight furniture

Use multipurpose furniture.

Limit patterns.

Edit knick-knacks.

Use a mirror appropriately.

Treat the ceiling like a fifth wall.

Don’t draw attention to doors.

Kelly Barbazette is a journalist turned stay-at-home mom. She lives with her husband and their two daughters in Gilroy. She also writes for Gilroy Today.

If your room has a lot of doors, it could break up the continuity of the room, making it feel smaller. You could consider painting at least one door the same color as the walls to conceal it, Fiorio says. Fiorio suggests painting your ceiling a lighter tone than what’s on the walls. Choosing the same color or a darker version will visually bring the ceiling down and make your room feel more enclosed. A mirror can make a room feel larger, but make sure it is reflecting natural light or something attractive worth displaying, Fiorio says. Choose one reasonably sized piece of art instead of several small pieces on a wall or shelf. This allows the eye to move freely around a room, making it feel larger, Fiorio says. Patterns visually take up more room, Fiorio says, making a room appear smaller than it is. Limit patterns to something small like a throw pillow rather than a drape or couch and avoid high-contrasting patterns. Lightweight, movable furniture pieces that have more than one purpose are always great options, Fiorio says. Examples are an ottoman that can double as a coffee table or an end table with storage that can conceal clutter. Using too many pieces of leggy furniture will give the furniture a floating look. A better choice, Fiorio says, is a small-scale sofa with a weighted color or tight upholstery, which will anchor the room. Keeping your walls all one color allows the eye to travel around the room, giving the illusion of a larger room, Fiorio says. Also, you don’t have to paint your room a light color. A chocolate brown painted on all the walls could make a room feel cozy but not small. Using one type of flooring will make your room feel larger, says Ann Fiorio, interior designer, ASID of California Contract and Home in Campbell. An area rug will break up the room and make it appear smaller.