www.remodelormove.com’s A SMART remodel approach to remodeling allows homeowners to embark on a remodeling project and achieve results that are not only less expensive, but that are of much higher quality than many people typically find at the conclusion of a renovation project. Planning a Right Sized project is also part of planning A SMART Remodel.

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Planning a right sized remodel or addition ensures that your plans are appropriate for your home as well as your neighborhood. A right sized remodel creates a new home that has proportion, matching architectural styling, seamless roof additions and reasonable points of access to new living spaces. A right sized remodel also fits into the neighborhood in size and design.

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Homes that are remodeled in ways that create a mismatch of architectural styles are hard to sell. We have all heard about “curb appeal” and how important it is in selling a home. A mismatch of architectural styles will seriously reduce the curb appeal of the home when the time comes to sell. A bad mismatch will stand out in the neighborhood like a weed in a bed of roses. It can also affect the value of other nearby homes. This is the reason many neighborhoods and subdivisions have architectural standards in place to govern remodels.

Always keep in mind that building codes are written to protect homeowners. They ensure that construction will be safe. Zoning ordinances protect the community. Zoning ordinances protect residential areas from the encroachments of business and industry. Zoning ordinances also protect all homeowners from overbuilding by neighbors or from property uses that could be dangerous to residents or harmful to property values. A right sized remodel or addition will obey all building codes and zoning regulations and will welcome building inspections.


A right sized remodel will result in a home that is reasonably consistent with the homes surrounding it. A mini-mansion doesn’t fit in a neighborhood of small ranch style homes and small bungalows. The mini-mansion looks completely out of place, overpowers all of the other homes, and will lose value rapidly because it has been built in the wrong place. A home remodel and addition that triples the living space of a small home has a good chance of looking both out of place in the neighborhood and of looking like someone did a really bad job of remodeling.

Overbuilding when you remodel results in a home that is out of place in its neighborhood and inconsistent in RemodelOrMove.com: 101 Ways to Save Money When by by Dan Fritschen its architectural design and construction. You will end up with an albatross in a goldfish pond. Under-building will not be cost effective. If you underestimate your remodeling or addition needs and proceed with the project, you will not be satisfied with the results and you will probably end up either doing another remodel or addition very soon or giving up and moving to a new home. Unless you have planned a staged remodel, the second job will probably end up costing far more than necessary because it would have been more cost effective to have done the whole job at once.

Building a right size addition or remodel is a vital part of A SMART remodel. As you plan your remodel, keep in mind all six basic steps in A SMART remodel:

  • A complete plan

  • Safety first

  • Move instead of remodel

  • A contractor interview plan

  • Right sized

  • Total cost

Keeping your project A SMART remodel will result in a finished project that meets the needs of your family and is both efficient and economical.

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