By Dan Fritschen

Bathroom Remodeling CostsSelling your home may not be something you are considering at this time, but remodeling may be. Remodeling key locations and areas in your home now can add considerable value to your home when or if you decide to sell. But, instead of remodeling at sale time, why not remodel now so you and your family may improve your day to day life and enjoy the benefits of new features to your home.
Consulting a realtor before selling your home can help you decide what improvements are going to be beneficial to you and your home. Obviously a freshly remodeled kitchen or bathroom can greatly increase your homes value. A new kitchen can add 95% of the cost of remodeling to the value of the home and a new bathroom can add a whopping 130% of its value to your home at resell time.

When remodeling your kitchen, concentrate on the design you would want. Many kitchens are crammed into a small room with little room to maneuver or function. Consider opening up the floor area for a center island, breakfast bar, or even additional cabinet space. If you are a lover of cooking, it is a necessity to consider space and design. You can add an indoor grill, warming trays, new appliances, and essential needs for a seasoned cook. These improvements will greatly increase the resell value of your home and give you the opportunity to enjoy them before considering a resell.
The bathroom is another important space in your home you can remodel and improve your every day life and increase its resell value often above the bathroom remodeling costs. Fixtures found today for bathroom improvements are not only functional but give your bathroom a luxurious look and feel. You may want to consider installing a roomy shower, new shower head that is water saving, a whirlpool tub and even towel warmers. These improvements can not only make your every day living more enjoyable but also increase your homes value.