bathroom add on a house

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If your home was built after 1995 – it probably is already pretty big with big closets, lots of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Homes built between the 50s and 90s were not as large and before the 50s many were tiny compared to today’s standards.  So what to do?  You can sell it and move or you can add an addition on a house.
So which makes the most sense?  To move or add on?  If you are trying to decide try our move or add on decision making tool.

If you have made the decision to add on the next big question is what to add?  I recommend you start with deciding what your goal is.  Are you building your dream home – which you will live in for many years to come?  Are you just adding enough space to make your home liveable or do you see this addition as a great way to bring your home up to the typical features and size for your neighborhood which could ultimately cost you very little to do.  While price is often of little concern when you are building your dream home, if this addition is view more as an investment cost becomes a primary driver.

Once you have a clear understanding of your motivation for the cost and the improvement in the quality of life the three best additions you can make to many houses is a bathroom, expanding the kitchen and adding a family room.  Too few bathrooms is a problem many homes have.  Sharing a bathroom with the rest of the family doesnt work for some families.  Or the bathroom is too small to meet your families needs.  Regardless of the problem you are solving an additional bathroom is also seen as desireable when you go to sell in many cases making it possibly a smart investment.

Expanding a cramped kitchen or adding room for an island or a breakfast nook is also a great addition to many homes both in how you use your home and for resale value. Finally if your family room is cramped and uncomfortable adding just 50 or 100 square feet can change it into a spacious comfortable room.

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