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Making your home more environmentally friendly doesn’t need to cost the Earth – no pun intended! There are several easy and affordable ways to make your home greener that may even save you money.

Be Energy Efficient

By cutting down the amount of energy you use, you’re protecting the environment and your wallet! Switch to energy saving lightbulbs and make sure you turn off lights in unoccupied spaces. Installing timer switches in communal areas such as hallways and stairwells is a good way to make sure that lights you might forget about won’t stay on all night.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

As an alternative to harmful chemical products, there are several homemade options you can try that will save you money and won’t pollute the atmosphere. White wine vinegar and baking soda is a great cleaner for most surfaces, while hydrogen peroxide will suffice for more stubborn cleaning jobs. Instead of aerosol air fresheners, a small, well-placed bowl of baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oils in it will naturally neutralize odors and keep a room smelling fresh.

Don’t Standby

Leaving televisions, computers, games consoles and stereos on standby instead of shutting them off completely will use up a considerable amount of energy. By making sure everything is switched off and unplugged, you can ensure that no energy is being wasted and any wiring or battery packs will last longer.

Save Water, Save Money

If you home is fitted with a water meter, the chances are you’ll welcome any tips to decrease the amount of water you use. Simple things include taking showers instead of baths as you’ll only use around one third of the amount of water, and if you get round to fixing your leaky taps you could save 2700 gallons of water per year! Installing a water butt to collect waste water from your sinks, showers and guttering means you’ll have a good supply to keep your lawn looking green and healthy – at no extra cost to you.

Get Rewards!

Websites such as and offer a variety of incentives to help you recycle. These range from spa days to money-off coupons, and are a great way to keep yourself motivated to commit to recycling at home.