Some of the books of home plans are worth using. Their value depends on your need and how current and detailed the plans are.

If you are trying to get ideas about how to divide space when you finish a basement, you will find some wonderful ideas. If you are looking for a specific plan for how to create the rooms you need by gutting the first floor of your home and repositioning walls, you might have trouble finding the perfect plan for your needs.

If you are adding a room, you might find the perfect floor plan that will work with your existing home, but need more details about how to connect the addition; your contractor or designer can help you with those details. If you expect to find the exact drawings for the precise plan to meet your needs, you might be disappointed.

If you are looking for ideas and possibilities to consider, they will be useful. If you are looking for the latest trends in home designs, be sure to check the publication date of the book.