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Cabinets by Prowell Woodworks

By Dan Fritschen
There are kitchen styles that are considered a good match for certain home design styles.


A very modern/contemporary home almost demands the simple, clean, sharp lines of contemporary/modern kitchen design (whether this is retro contemporary or just contemporary).  IKEA and many other suppliers can help with the modern look since it has grown in popularity especially in more urban areas. 
If your home style is classical, a more formal traditional kitchen design might be the best fit.  Many homes in the east and south include features found in the more traditional and classical designs.   Stained wood cabinets, sophisticated granite countertops and lots of trim often work well in these kitchens.


Cottages, beach houses, cabins and homes built for informal and relaxed lifestyle are a good match for country styles.  Here you can have a lot of fun with painted cabinets, stencils and knick knacks.  Plus window coverings and vintage appliances and fixtures.


Within each of these basic kitchen styles there is great space for personalization and for adding elements that will tie the kitchen together with the rest of the house.