Entering into a remodeling project should never be taken lightly. This is your home and, in all probability, your largest investment and should be treated as such. Yet it can be easy to get over excited and subsequently overwhelmed. The cost of a simple or even not so simple remodel can spiral out of control. But with careful planning and consideration you can stay on budget and still achieve your vision.
Before beginning any project, you must come to terms with what you are willing to spend. Forming and keeping to a budget can help your plan come to fruition without many of the headaches and pitfalls you could otherwise face. Know what you can spend and plan around that amount. Using the internet and sheer persistence can allow you to compare prices on everything from materials to contractors. Research your project and find the contractor that is right for it, not just the first one you come across. By budgeting for your project and sticking to your plan you can achieve both the quality and design you desire.
Forming a distinct plan and finding a contractor that will stick to it is another way of avoiding a monetary pitfall. After setting a budget and comparing contractors to find the one who understands and can accomplish your vision, it is time to formulate a plan to achieve your goals.
Working with your contractor is a must. You have to be able to exchange ideas and compromise on materials and timelines. By preparing beforehand, seeking out specials on materials and labor, you can eliminate much of the added cost that comes with spending when you are in need. Negotiating prices, timelines and materials before you get started and placing all of your agreed upon expectations in a well formulated contract will allow both you and your contractor to understand what is expected and keep prices from skyrocketing.
It is your home and you should feel free to be involved in the project, but know your limits. Leave the technical and dangerous work to the hired professionals, but lend a hand and save money by helping where you can. Save on labor by doing the demolition and clean up yourself. Save on material by careful comparison shopping and then do the finish painting and tiling yourself.
By sticking to your budget, formulating and following you and your contractor’s agreed upon plan, not over indulging in upgrades and extras and getting your hands a little dirty yourself you can both save your bank account and achieve the remodel you envisioned.