Living room and dining room in neutral colors cost to remodel

Photo by Home Estaging

by Dan Fritschen

Did you know furniture arrangement is an art? That’s right, you can even learn about it!

Using this art, you seek to establish a working relationship among the pieces of furniture in any given room. Your living room especially needs close attention paid to the arrangement of furniture as this is a room you, your family and your guests will spend a lot of time in. It has to be able to accommodate a lot of people while also retaining an intimate feel; it should also be relaxing and cozy. If it’s also used as the family room then you need to find ways to balance both the chaotic messiness of everyday family life with the more sophisticated occasions when you’re entertaining! Some space should be saved for more formal activities in such a living room.

Of course, the options as to how the room can be arranged are endless. You may have the layout that it does just because that was the way you had the furniture arranged years ago. The location of the architectural elements in the room will also guide on the best layout. But who says you have to do what everyone else is doing? Get creative! Start by preparing a list of all the activities that are expected to take place in the room. The next list will include all the furniture and electrical appliances that will feature in the room.

Furniture arrangement being an art, you can get to perfect it with more practice. To get started you need to determine the size of your room. If you intend to purchase new furniture then getting measurements of the hallways, stairs and doors is necessary. And make sure any larger pieces of furniture such as couches will actually fit through doorways! Staircases can also be difficult to negotiate when moving furniture.

To decorate a long narrow living room you need to be more creative to avoid leaving the room looking like a tunnel! The living room will have a better ambiance if traffic in the room is not allowed to go through where people are seated; create a corridor space away from the main seating area. Near each chair you can have a table, which will offer your guests with an ideal surface to place their refreshments or reading glasses, etcetera.

The biggest things to consider are the shape of the room, the needs of the room and the size of the room; but don’t be afraid to get creative and show some flair in your furniture arrangement!

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