A homeowner’s decision on whether to remodel their home or move is a decision only they can make. However, as a realtor, you can not only help them decide, but also improve your business for the future at the same time. This may sound like a sell out to your profession, but you, as well as anyone else, know how volatile the housing market is. Selling a home in today’s economy is risky at best. You may be the driving force they need to make the correct decision for them at this time in the market.

Your experience and know-how has made you an expert in helping potential buyers find the perfect home for their needs and wants. You can use that expertise to help families make decisions on remodeling or move. You are the one person they can trust in a shaky housing industry and they will rely on you for your knowledge, training and expertise. Your ability to fit a family to a home will be called upon to help families make critical decisions that could affect them for years to come.
You also have the structural knowledge to make a few educated suggestions on remodeling ideas for undecided families. With this knowledge you can suggest creative changes that can help the family remodel and make more room for their growing family, or just remodel to make the home feel more like home to them. You are able to give the families in your community good advice about their home, the homes in the area, and the pros and cons of each. Your knowledge of the business can come in handy when clients are shopping for contractors, attempting to decide whether to restore the 19th century house they are presently in, or just generally questioning.
All of this information can help your community to grow and better their own living conditions. Let your clients know you are up for the job.