Attic Bedroom Ideas

Photo by Molly Stevens Attic Bedroom Ideas

By Dan Fritschen

Update: Finishing an attic is a brilliant way to instantly add space to your home without the hassle of building a large and expensive addition. The attic space is already there above the rest of your home and just needs to be made liveable in order to be utilized as an extra room. You might think that the angled ceilings make the room an awkward shape, but in fact this unique design make the space ideal as a bedroom, with the added feature of plenty of great storage space. Let’s look at some more attic bedroom ideas.

Attic bedrooms can be some of the most fun and most challenging rooms in a house to design and to decorate. The challenges can include low ceilings, angled ceilings, lack of windows – the list goes on and on. These challenges can also make the attic bedroom a very interesting and exciting space. To get an instant estimate to finish your attic try our cost to finish an attic cost calculator.

Here are 5 great ideas to make the most of your attic bedroom.

1. Consider the room and its potential uses today years to come. While a small room is fine for a nursery why not add more space in the room for a reading nook or a spot for excercise equipment for an older child.

2. Plan for egress – a 2nd “escape” route. This is a requirement in all areas but may not be inforced or if you dont get a permit, you may not aware of it. This can be a medium to large window or a doorway a different means of accessing the outdoors. Since dormers are a great addition to many architectural styles consider adding one. If the cost and hassel of dormer is too much a concealed door on a gable end of a 2nd story can be a less expensive solution.

3. Take advantage of all the great attic storage space that will become available as you design the bedroom. The space behind pony walls can make a wonderful spot for storage of items that you need to only access once in a while – think holiday decorations!

4. Do not skimp on insulation – attic bedrooms often suffer from lack of ventilation and lack of insulation to protect them from the heat of the sun. Add a few inches of insulation and a heat reflective barrier and the room will be much more comfortable.

5. While you are insulating – add sound board or isolate the floor of the attic room from the rooms below. Taking a little extra time during the design of your attic bedroom will prevent hearing footsteps and all the other noises that can easily travel from floor to floor if precautions are not taken.

6. Skylights in a bedroom?! I say yes. They may not be for everyone but I think you can’t beat a skylight for bringing in lots of natural light. Make sure you get the best heat reflective coating you can and considering adding a heat reflective film on the inside as well. I really like skylights in bedrooms they arent so great in closets. I learned from experience that too much light in a closet will fade some clothes. So for the closets stick with the electric lights and windows with blinds that can block all the light.

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