Most people generally use their attics as storage space and for not much else. Yet when deciding what to do with your attic there are numerous ideas on how to utilize the area. Depending on the structural integrity of the floor and pitch of the roof your attic could hold limitless possibilities.
Deciding what to do with your attic space will depend greatly on how much extra weight your home ceilings can support. Many attics may need extra structural support if you plan on turning them into new living quarters or even an office. It is better to err on the side of caution and consult a contractor or architect before making any elaborate plans for your new space. Many time s those problems can be remedied but they will have to be accounted for in both your planning and budget.
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Once the safety issues of support have been addressed you will better be able to decide and design what the space will be used for. Many other questions are still to be answered but the basic outline should be in place.  
Once you have decided on how to utilize the space you may address issues of lighting, insulation and access. By speaking to your contractor or architect you can decide what is cost efficient and plausible in your design. The area should be easily accessible and functional. Questions such as “Will the slope of your roof allow you to utilize natural light? or Will an electrician have to wire and install extra outlets?”, will have to be answered and factored into your budget.

After you have shored up the structure and addressed the utilities you are ready to focus on optimizing your space and décor. Attics have corners and edges unlike other rooms in your home and it will be up to you to design your plan for optimal use of the space. There is no shortage of information and suggestions in books, magazines and on the internet if you need help kindling your ideas.

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