Attic design Ideas

Photo by Molly Stevens

by Dan Fritschen

Update: Most homeowners are pretty uncreative when it comes to what to do with their attic space – it’s tempting to just fill it with junk and forget about it! But what about clearing out the junk and making it into an extra living space for your home? The unique design lends itself well to a number of uses for you and your family.

Attics hold some of the best potential to add living space to a home – and for most of us a lot of junk as well.  So how do you transform your attic storage space to living space?  Here are 3 Attic Renovation Ideas that may help you make it happen.

1. A family room is a great addition to a home and fits in well in attic renovation projects.  Family rooms can benefit from the sometimes odd floor plans of an attic.  The dormer, or post or low ceilings can add a design feature to your new family room.  If you do choose to finish your attic and make it a family room consider ventilation, heating and cooling.  Attics are frequently poorly or not insulated at all.  Also with their proximity to the exterior of the roof can become unbelievably hot in the summer, so err on the side of too much insulation and too much ventilation.

2.  Like a family room, a bedroom can be part of your attic renovation plans and a bedroom can benefit from the unique characteristics of an attic.  Like a family room ventilation and climate control are big issues.  Also consider noise that transfers through the ceiling and flooring. It maybe worth while to isolate the attic floor from the lower floors ceiling to cut down on noise moving in both directions.

Also as a bedroom you should, and probably are required to, have appropriate egress in a window or door or some other means to escape the room in case of fire or other emergency.

3. A bathroom is often on the list of what homeowners want to add most during a remodel and an attic is a good space for a bathroom addition. Bathrooms of course come with their own special challenges but like family rooms and bedrooms can actually benefit from the angle ceiling or dormer or other feature of your attic.

The challenges are principally the availability of plumbing.  Ideally if you can locate your new attic bathroom above or adjacent to an existing bathroom it can save you a lot of money and mess when you are running the water supply pipes, the drain pipes and the vent pipes.  Remember to provide the bathroom with a fan or other means of effective ventilation.  Remember a well ventilated bathroom is a mildew free bathroom.

There are thousands of great attic renovation ideas that you can use to add some great living space to your home.   To get an instant cost estimate to renovate your attic try our attic finishing cost estimating calculator.