By Dan Fritschen

Knowing average bathroom remodeling costs will be very helpful to you in planning and setting a budget for your bathroom remodel. You can find the average costs in a wide variety of places on the internet and by calling a few local contractors or your local builder’s association.It is also important to understand the factors that can cause your bathroom remodeling project to be quite different from the average cost you find. There are also some things you should understand about how average costs are calculated.
Average bathroom remodeling costs are usually calculated in three categories: economy, average and custom or up-scale.

    An economy bathroom remodel will probably not involve moving any plumbing fixtures or installing new plumbing fixtures. It will reflect the homeowner’s efforts to accomplish their remodeling goals at the lowest possible cost.Lower quality materials may also be used.
    An average bathroom remodel will use standard quality materials and standard quality workmanship with little extra detail. It might include new plumbing fixtures, but they will probably remain in essentially the same place.
    A custom or up-scale bathroom remodel will probably use higher quality materials, include new plumbing fixtures, and will use custom cabinetry and probably specialty items such as a spa tub or shower and a number of extra comfort features.

Remodeling magazine publishes an annual list of average bathroom remodeling costs for the >U.S. and a calculation of how much of the cost of the remodel (on average) will be recovered when the home is sold.Many people use this average in their calculations.

It is, however, important to understand what average bathroom remodeling costs quoted by most sources does not take into consideration.A number of factors affect actual bathroom remodeling costs which are not generally considered in the average cost calculations. These include:

    Time of year.The time of year can affect your total bathroom remodeling costs by as much as 15% if you schedule the work during a slow period for contractors (often between Thanksgiving and the first of the year).
  • Your contribution. You might, for example, decide to do the design yourself instead of hiring an architect, or you might have your contractor do the design. You might do some of the work or manage the project instead of hiring a general contractor. This will have a big effect on the cost of your remodel.
  • Where you live. Materials costs and labor costs vary widely from one part of the country to another. This can be a very important factor in the cost of your project. In fact, it can differ from the national average by as much as 20%.

Average bathroom remodeling costs can be helpful in deciding whether to do a remodel or not, but when it comes to setting your budget you will need to get a preliminary estimate.A local contractor or the local builder’s association might be able to give you a good preliminary estimate on your bathroom remodel. You might want to try getting estimates from some of the online project cost calculators

While there are many project cost calculators available online, you will want to be sure that you understand which factors are taken into account in creating your estimate.For example, you will want to know whether you are looking at an estimate based on the national average or on the average cost in your locality.You will also want to know if the estimate is based on the quality of the remodel you are planning. You will want to get an estimate that takes into account the cost for professional services, such as an architect vs. a general contractor for design. Finally, you will want an estimate that takes into account the work you will do on the project. The calculator at or the one at will provide the most accurate and reliable estimate for you because they take all of these factors into account in producing the cost estimate.

These online calculators also offer the opportunity to make changes in the way you define your project and see the difference those changes make in the estimated cost.Spending a little bit of time with the most sophisticated calculators will help you plan a bathroom remodel and have a closer estimate of cost than relying on average bathroom remodeling costs.