All over the internet and in magazines and newspapers is the phrase average cost to remodel a kitchen. Sometimes that statement comes with a regional focus like “in Chicago”

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to give the number a bit more validity. It is important to understand where these numbers come from and use them in appropriate ways. There are lots of bad ways that you can use them which we will also cover below.

First mistake is to not accept that an average is, well, an average. If 5 kitchens were remodeled for $10,000 each and 5 remodeled for $50,000 each, the average of those 10 remodels would be $30,000 even though no one paid $30,000 to remodel their kitchen.

Second where does the information come from. Often times it will be from a survey of contractors. So ask yourself who responds to these surveys? Well, it typically is the larger contractors who typically focus on larger remodels and sometimes charge a higher price. So this skews the survey substantially. Also consider that a homeowner who acts as their own general contractor and hires subcontractors and maybe does some of the work themselves is not asked to submit their cost to remodel information to this survey. So a very large percentage of all kitchen remodels are not included in these average numbers.

The best way to use the information about the average cost to remodel a kitchen, is to give you a general understanding of what a remodel could cost. Your’s maybe 1/2 that price or twice as much, you need to do a bit more research and finalize plans before getting a real estimate for YOUR kitchen the way YOU want it. Unfortunately even then you could see a spread of 20 or even 30% between one contractor and another – that is another can of worms.

The calculators on this website give a better estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen. They are free to use and a very quick way to get an answer. Click here to try them out.

Good luck with your remodel.