Bedroom photograph by Jeremy Levine

Bedroom photograph by Jeremy Levine

by Dan Fritschen

The initial thought of having a basement master bedroom may not feel great – but with a little creative thinking you’ll come to realize that it makes perfect sense!

Homeowners that are reluctant to move and don’t want to spend a lot on an extensive home addition are increasingly looking for ways to utilize the space they’ve got. This is especially true of people living in densely populated, built-up areas where the only room for expansion is up or down instead of out. If that means re-purposing areas of the home, then so be it: time to think outside the box!

There are plenty of reasons you might need a bedroom addition: a young family with a new addition, an older relative moving into the home, or a rapidly teen that could benefit from their own space are just a few examples. Or perhaps you just want a master bedroom suite all to yourself – in that case, the basement is a great place to start.

Of course finishing a basement can be difficult but the rewards can be great. Ensuring there’s adequate lighting and ventilation, as well as protection against damp are the essentials to first consider.

Adequate ventilation can help to prevent the possible development of health issues rising from mildew and mold. Because not every basement is suited for a bedroom you must examine the space carefully; it’s a good idea to have trusted surveyors and contractors take a look at the space before you embark on your basement remodel. Plenty of air is also needed in a basement master bedroom, so install air exchanger systems to prevent the buildup of moisture in the basement bedroom if there is need.

Adding a bathroom in the master bedroom will give you more convenience. This may be difficult where plumbing access is not possible within the basement, but in most homes plumbing runs through the basement and as such the work of adding a bathroom should be fairly straightforward. A half bathroom with a sink and a toilet will fit in the basement perfectly, but keep in mind if you need to move pipes around or opt for a larger bathroom, the cost of a bathroom remodel will increase.

If it makes sense for your home, then go ahead and plan your basement master bedroom, and enjoy the extra space you’ve given yourself!

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