bathroom renovationStep # 23 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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Early in phase one of your bathroom remodel you created a list of concerns that you and others have about your upcoming bathroom remodel.   Some of the bathroom remodel concerns might have been eliminated by the good work you did in phase one, but some may still remain and new ones may have come up.   Now is a good time to review the list of bathroom remodel project concerns, review it with everyone and try to decide how and when you will work through the remaining significant concerns. There will always be minor concerns and worries people have when embarking on big projects like a bathroom remodel and often times just acknowledging your concerns helps relieve some of the stress.

Some concerns like finishing on time, having strangers in your home and cost overruns can be minimized by discussing your concerns with your bathroom remodeling contractor.  Sometimes, only the experience of having a success bathroom remodel, will eliminate your concerns so if that is the case – you will need to just move ahead with the project.  Remember that tens of thousands of bathroom remodels are completed every year and the vast majority are successful projects with few issues or problems so if you prepare well, by using this remodeling planner, the likelihood if very good that your bathroom renovation will be a success too!