Kitchen Remodel Guide

Kitchen Remodel Guide

Step # 22 in the Kitchen Remodel Guide

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You have now completed the first phase of Planning for your kitchen remodel.  You have completed some of your research and created a preliminary budget, schedule, design and decided on different materials and products. Now in the second phase you will refine each of these, hire the help you need and order the material to commence work.


Begin Stage #2 – Kitchen Remodel Guide

It is important to tackle your kitchen remodel in phases since there are so many interrelated elements.  Remodeling with Confidence requires you to be confident and well informed.  Phase One included creating a preliminary budget, collecting and sharing design ideas, developing a preliminary design, selecting many materials and colors and products that will be used in your kitchen remodel and finally deciding who you need on your team to make your kitchen remodel a success.

With your initial budget, design and schedule in hand it is a great time to start talking seriously with designers and contractors – whom ever you have decided you need on your team for a successful remodel.