Cooling and Heating Duct Work

Cooling and Heating Duct Work in Basement

Step # 48 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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With the framing done -all the hidden mechanical systems of your home are now installed – a major one of these is the ducting for the heating and cooling systems.  Your bathroom remodel planner heating and cooling step is one of the important check list items where you want to talk with your contractor and make the right decisions

If you are going to have radiant heating on the floors – which is a wonderful addition to any bathroom – the two most common methods are electric and water heating.  In both systems wires or pipes are placed under the finish floor and they are connected to the source for hot water or electricity.   These systems are usually not installed at this phase of your project but typically are done when the finished floor is ready for installation but, your installer may want to do the installation sooner.

The heating systems may not be installed until the final floor is placed but a lot of planning and preparation is required to ensure your bathroom remodel will accept the floor heating systems.  this is a good time – before insulation and drywall to double check the water supply and return are positioned property for hydronic bathroom floor heating and an electrical junction box or outlet with proper gage wire is available as needed.