bathroom remodel design

FLoor Plan for New Bathroom

You can not spend too much time creating and perfecting your bathroom remodel design.   Regardless if you are doing all the work yourself or if will be hiring an architect or bathroom design – the time you spend working through the design details will result in a bathroom that best suits your needs.

If you are hiring a contractor, architect or bathroom designer it is still important that you research and develop some ideas of what you want in your remodeled bathroom.  The location and size of all the fixtures: shower, toilet, sink, and bathtub are all important decisions that have to be made.  If you have already thought through the options then when the initial designs come from the architect you will be prepared to give some valuable feedback to the designer.

The initial design can be sketches of the different design options you have.  Photos of designs you like that show the location of different features and fixtures in a bathroom are a great help.  A good way to start the design process is to make a sketch of the existing bathroom layout.  Your initial sketch should be to scale.  With that you can try moving the fixtures around in the new space to see what will work best. has a great – free to use – tool that will let you create a sketch of your existing bathroom and then easily create different designs of your new bathroom.