final payment to contractor

Master bathroom with huge tub and glass shower

Step # 69 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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Now is the time to make the final payment to your contractor for a job well done! This final payment should be after EVERYTHING is completed, ensure you have thoroughly gone through final check sheet. Also you should do an inspection of the remodeled bathroom without the contractor present so you can take your time in looking to ensure everything meets your requirements. Ideally take along a friend or your spouse so you have an extra pair of eyes during your inspection.  After your inspection meet with the contractor and go through the process again showing them what you found – ideally take photos of every thing you have a question about or that you think needs to be fixed.

This final meeting should not be rushed and should be schedule a day or 2 after the contractor says everything is completed. The reason for delay of a few days is to give you time to think everything through, carefully inspect your remodeled bathroom, and not feel rushed by excitement or any other reason to approve the project. Most contractors offer warranties and will stand behind their work – but you shouldn’t assume they will be back to repair, replace anything once you have made the final payment. Your final payment to contractor is the final lever you have to encourage their attention to your needs so do not make the final payment until everything is completed to your satisfaction.