Finalize Remodeling Plans

Remodeling Floor Plans

Step # 34 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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Are you ready to finalize remodeling design?

At this stage in the remodeling process you will have completed:

  • Several rounds of budgeting
  • Collected and shared design ideas
  • Interviewed and potentially hired an architect, designer, and/or a contractor
  • Created several rounds of design sketches


Final Remodeling Design

With all this careful preparation done you can now confidently make final decisions on the design of your remodel.  It is best to have a final design that you are confident in before applying for a permit, having a contractor start work and finalizing your budget.  Some contractors and some project start with the design in flux – and with some projects that is OK and with the right team – you and the contractor – these projects can turn out OK but the ideally you want to finish your design and then get the permit, finalize the budget and have the contractor start work.
You can never have enough detail in your plans.  From the floor to the roof – everything should be documented so you get the results you want.  The type of flooring, color, etc.   The finish on the floor – the type and color of grout.  The baseboard and how they are finished, the texture on the walls, the finish on the cabinets, the features of each drawer and cabinet, the type of hinge and type of rails for the drawers (full extension, soft close, etc. etc.).  The list is a long one for kitchen and other room remodels but your time is well spent at the beginning of the project making these decisions.
Once you have made these decisions ensure they are all written down and shared.  You should put up a folder with all these notes and every day a worker is there confirm that they are following the list.  Remodels get confusing and it is very easy for a worker to forget instructions they received the day before as they are focused on finishing the plumbing, electrical or tile work. You will be much happier with the results if you take the time to review the requirements with your contractor frequently to ensure the results are what you expect and pay for.