foundation for bathroom remodelDo you need a foundation for bathroom remodel?  Depending on what changes you are making your homes foundation may need to be modified when your remodel your bathroom. If your bathroom remodel plans include moving an exterior wall or an interior bearing wall or a change to the roof line above the bathroom room a new or altered foundation or support in the basement may be required.

Your contractor or architect will be able to review your design and tell you if any foundation changes or additions are required.  If you are doing the design work for your new bathroom then study carefully the existing bearing walls and foundation that will be impacted by the remodel to determine if foundation work is necessary.

Bathroom Bump out or addition – if you bathroom renovation involves extending the bathroom past the existing exterior walls it is likely that a new foundation or an alteration to the existing foundation will be required.  Even if the addition is just a 12″ bump out – the new addition needs to be supported and that involved a new foundation or a cantilevered floor which is supported by the old foundation.

Moving or modifying an interior bearing wall.  If you are planning on modifying or moving a wall that currently sits on the foundation or on a beam and or post below then you should plan on doing some engineering work to ensure that the function of the wall will be replicated in the new design.  Also check in the attic to see if joints in the ceiling joists or components of the roof are resting on the wall you want to modify.  Check also the length of the ceiling joists to ensure they are large enough to span the distance after your planned wall modifications.