Interview Architects, Designers and Design-Build Contractors

Interview Architects, Designers and Design-Build Contractors

Step # 25 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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If you decided to hire an architect or an interior designer and if you haven’t met with any yet, now is the time to start interviewing architects. Like contractors it is important to have a script and interview check list to ensure you ask the same questions of everyone you interview plus have a good place to jot your notes down.

Difference between architects, designers, and design/build contractors

Architects are typically licensed by the state and have specific education that enables them to have the professional title of Architect.  The training they are required to have for the title and license varies by state.    While the state confers on the architect the license to perform certain design tasks for residential and commercial buildings each architect chooses what services they will and will not perform.  Kitchen remodels and basic room additions typically are not designed by licensed architects but in you are interested in hiring an architect and they are interested in working with you on your project there is no reason not to enlist their help.

Designers do not have the stringent licensing and education requirements of architects.  The requirements by state vary greatly and also there are lots of sub categories of designers:  Interior designer, kitchen and bath designer, home designer, landscape designer, etc. Designers sometimes work freelance but also work for contractors and big box home improvement stores.  If you choose to work with a designer take the time to review their credentials and make sure you have confidence in their abilities and what they will bring to your remodel before hiring them for your project.

Design/build contractors offers the typical remodeling contractor services as well as the design services needed for a remodel or home addition.  They typically have as employees or can contract the services of a Designer or Architect and then deliver to you all the services you need to remodel your home.