Remodeling Concerns

Installing Hardwood Floor – Can be a mess!

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For most of us remodeling doesn’t start without a good number of concerns.
Regardless of how trivial they may seem it is important to list your concerns at the very start to help track them. As you go through the planning process it is likely that you will be able to alleviate most if not all of yours and your family concerns before the final decisions to start construction is made. Wouldn’t that be nice!


List of Your Concerns

The Top 9 Remodeling Concerns and How to Manage Them.

  • Cost Overruns

Avoid going over your budget and the estimates of the contractor by having a detailed contract before you start and not making changes during the remodeling project.

  • Delays in Schedule

Selecting the right contractor and workers is key to avoiding delays in completion dates.  Few contractors work on only one project at a time so their ability to manage your and others projects is key to finishing your project on time.

  • Dust

Dust and the mess associated with remodeling is hard to avoid but can be if you are willing to take the necessary steps.  First step is to seal up the parts of your home that are not being remodeled or renovated.  Seal the air ducts, openings, windows and doors.  Next work with your contractor to mitigate dust at its source which requires blowers, fans, and vacuums.  All this equipment is readily available and widely used so it can be used on your project as well.  THese extra precautions will add to the cost of your project but it may be worth it to you to reduce the mess.

  • Noise

Construction, remodeling and renovating is noisy – there is no way to avoid it but you can limit when the noise is made both the time of day and the day of the week.  Speak to your contractor about your concerns and then document the hours when noise is OK.

  • Being taken advantage of

Remodeling and renovating are expensive projects and most homeowners have little experience.  The combination of lots of money and lack of knowledge make homeowners vulnerable to being taken advantage of – or the FEELING that they are being taken advantage of.  Taking time to learn about the remodeling process and communicating regularly with your builder will help avoid being taken advantage.

  • Theft

For most remodeling projects there will be a number of people in and out of your home during the renovation process and there is a potential for theft of valuable items.  The best way to prevent this theft is to remove all of your valuable belongings from your home for the duration of your project.  Jewelry, silver, electronics, etc.  Anything of value that you do no want to be damaged, stolen or collect dust should be moved to a safe location.

  • Wasting money

Spending the tens or hundreds of thousands on remodeling, renovating or building a home addition can be one of biggest financial decisions of your life.  A valid concern “is this just a waste of money” for many homeowners.  It is important when considering if you should remodel to be honest with yourself – is the money you are spending an investment?  meaning is the value of the home going to increase more than the cost?  Or is the cost of the remodel going to not improve the home value so it is strictly an investment in your quality of life.  Take your time and get expert advice from a real estate agent about the amount you are spending and what it is worth.

  • Hiring the Right Contractor

The single biggest decision you will make when you are remodeling is who to hire to design and build your new addition or home.  Most contractors and projects turn out fine so have confidence in the “system” and human nature:)!  You can assure the success of your project by carefully planning your project and being thorough on communication with your contractor.