Protecting Your Property During Your Remodel

You Need to Protect Your Property

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If it isn’t getting demolished during your remodel then it will need to be protected! Workers and materials will be moving in and out of your house from the first day of your remodel to the last.  From the street, up the walk or across your yard, into your house through 1, 2 or 3 different doors workers and materials will be in nearly constant motion.  It pays to plan ahead and protect everything in your yard and your home that could be damaged during your remodel.

A word about theft and damage to valuable items.  Both can happen during a remodel so the smartest thing to do is pack up important documents, family heirlooms, jewelry, electronics, anything that is value, breakable and small(er) and at minimum put them in a box, tape them up and put them out of the way of all work (and eyes).  Consider taking the smaller and valuable items to a neighbor or friends home for the duration of your remodel.

Protect Your Property During Your Remodel


  1.  Your lawn and landscaping can get a lot of abuse during a remodel.  So plan on getting the workers to use the driveway and walk instead of cutting through you landscaping.
  2. If your remodel project will require the workers to walk through parts of your home that will not be remodel- over the floors with Ram Board.  It is worth the extra cost – it is better than paper or cardboard.  Ram Board – or equivalent is tough, waterproof and even reusable.
  3. Assume you will need to repaint the hallway and other rooms where the workers have been.  Since you have a painter at your home anyway – painting another room wont cost too much more:)
  4. Seal all the air ducts
  5. Cover everything in adjacent rooms with plastic covers and tape them up tight.  Dust gets everywhere and it is easier to cover items then to clean.
  6. Budget for a professional cleaner to come in for 3 days after your remodel and dust and vacuum every square inch of your house – twice!