Determine the monthly budget for our home

Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Step # 32 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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Everyday you will be learning more about the potential costs of your remodel.  You will get cost estimates from contractors and architects as well as bids and prices on the materials, appliances  and fixtures that you like and may use in your remodel.  As you become aware of this cost information and remodeling estimates it is important to use it to update your remodeling budget


Revise Remodeling Budget

One of the most common complaints and fears when doing a renovation or home addition is that the project will cost more than you have planned and you will go over your budget.  The best way to either prevent this cost overrun or at least feel better about it by not being surprised is to create an remodeling budget early in your planning process and the keep updating it throughout the project.  By keeping your remodeling budget updated and always using the latest and newest cost estimates and bids you receive from suppliers and contractors you will be confident about how much your remodel will likely cost.


How often you revise remodeling budget depends on your interest in the process.  Some people love studying the numbers and making updates to a spreadsheet to keep tabs on their money.  Others not so much!  We try and make managing your remodeling budget a bit easier with the sample remodeling budget but an excel spreadsheet or even better a google docs document will allow you to keep track of your budget, update it from any device and easily share it with others.