Select Remodeling Contractor

select remodeling contractor

Step # 36 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner

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If you haven’t yet – you will need to select remodeling contractor for your project.  Select remodeling contractor is the most important single decision you will make during your remodel – so choose wisely! Here are a few tips to help make the selection process easier:

Tips to Select Remodeling Contractor

  1. Make a list of the characteristics that are important to you for your remodeling contractor.  Typically these characteristics are trustworthiness, communication, workmanship, professionalism, punctuality and honesty.
  2. Rate each contractor on the characteristics you select on a scale of 1 to 5.
  3. It is important to check references and listen to referrals but do not let what other people say have too much sway.  If you are having trouble communicating with a contractor – do not hire them even if others rave about how great they are.

If you are acting as the general contractor or doing some of the work yourself then often times your selection of tradespeople and sub contractors will not be made until the job is underway.  Many trades people that work principally for general contractors don’t schedule projects ahead so they often wont give you a firm price or a commitment to do the work until you are ready for them to start. This is normal – and their projects are often quick so this is fine – just have 2 or 3 you can call and when the time comes when you need the plumbing, electrical, tile or drywall and texture done and it is likely one will be available.  The same holds true for these subcontractors as with the general contractors – trust your gut – do not hire someone because they have a low price or they come recommended.  Only hire a subcontractor that you have confidence it, that you can communicate with and has good references-recommendations.    The risk from hiring a bad subcontractor is significantly less than the damage that a bad contractor can do so there is less pressure on you for this decision.