shop for discount windows and doors

Shop for discount Windows and Doors

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If you are a shopper or want to save when you remodel one of many great ways is to shop for discount windows and doors and other big ticket items far ahead of time. The opportunity for you is that boneyards and other sources have big discounts on windows and doors and other items that you need for your remodel, renovation or home addition. Sometimes you can even get these items for free on sites like


Shop for Discount Windows and Doors

If you buy windows and doors BEFORE you complete the design for your remodel, renovation, or home addition then you can make the design fit your discounted purchase! If you found a 4 foot wide – 3 foot tall window on or at 75% off at a window store because it was a special order that was never picked up then you can design the spot above your sink to fit the window you have. This is the exact opposite of most remodeling and home design project where the design is first.  Designing your home first is fine – but it forces you to design around standard windows and doors that are sold at retail price or have a design that requires a special ordered window that sells at a premium price.
Where to shop for discount windows and doors

  1. Home Depot, Lowes and local window and door companies have “boneyards” where they keep special order items that were never picked up, or products that were incorrectly manufactured and are too big to return to the manufacturer and too valuable to through away so they are sold at 50% – 75% and more off retail price.
  2. and are just 2 of many websites where individuals sell or give away building supplies, windows and doors.
  3. Habitat for Humanity Restore and salvage retailers are the “green” way for builders and others to dispose of building materials that are no longer needed.