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Are you going to hire an architect?  Do you need or want the services of an architect.  Generally for kitchen remodels a kitchen designer or your general contractor can provide the necessary designs and help with the selection of materials which for kitchen and bathrooms is very  important.


Regardless of who you hire to do the design for your kitchen remodel and even it you do the design work yourself it is important to define the scope of work – what you want and do not want done by the designer.  On one end of the scale is a complete design from floor to ceiling where the designer – working with you or without, your choice – creates a plan that not only shows the location of all the kitchen elements but also every detail of the materials, finishes and fixtures.  This is a great service for some homeowners but overboard for some.  More common is a designer or contractor who works with you to design the general layout of your new kitchen and then has you visit a showroom or two to select the tile, cabinets, countertop, knobs etc that you want.


Spec Sheet to Hire an Architect


Different architects and designers offer different services.  It is important that you understand the services they offer and use that information to help decide which is the best for you to work with.  Do you want an al carte approach where you are more involved or a full service boutique experience. The most important consideration is finding an architect that you enjoy working with that shares your communication style.