Bathroom Remodel Planner

Classic bathroom with natural stone tiles and wood cabinet.

Step # 1 in the Bathroom Remodel Planner (get your own free Bathroom Remodel Planner – click here)


It may seem obvious but many people who are preparing for a bathroom remodel never take the time to write down a list of needs and wants. So the first step in a successful remodel, renovation or home addition is to take a moment and write down your goals, wants and needs for your remodel and if you are feeling ambitious prioritize them. Use number 1 for the most important want and 5 for the least important or any system that works for you.

Keep this list handing and spend time regularly to review and update this list.  Also get your family and others who will be living in the home to create their own list or add to the single list and note their priorities in addition to your own.  This document will help you focus on your needs and goals as well as help you to communicate later in the remodeling process with an interior designer, architect or design build contractor – whom ever you will hire to help create the design documents for your project.


The Bathroom Remodeling Planner is divided into 3 sections. The before, during and after phases of remodeling. The before phase involves collecting ideas and photos for the project, documenting your needs and wants, creating a preliminary budget and deciding who should do what work for your remodel.


When phase #1 of your bathroom remodel is complete you move on to phase #2 which includes getting the detailed plans for your bathroom reno, making material decisions, hiring the right people to help with your project, finalizing your budget and supporting the daily progress of the project. Phase #3 is wrapping up the project, inspecting the results, paying the workers, documenting all the work that was done, getting rebates, completing warranty forms, and sharing what you learned with others who will benefit from your experience remodeling

Download the form of needs and wants list