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Update: Remodeling a bathroom can be expensive and disruptive for homeowners; but it’s all worth it in the end when you’re rewarded with a gleaming new bathroom to relax in. Making sure your remodel stays on time and on budget is crucial to maintaining your sanity! Hiring specialist bathroom remodelers is a good way to make sure your project is completed quickly and with no problems, and that the end result is finished to a high standard.

Bathroom remodelers are specialists in the home remodeling industry. They do bathroom remodels and the do them very well. Their specialization often means they have the subcontractors and materials lined up so that they can start and finish a bathroom remodeling job faster. Because they only do bathrooms, some bathroom remodelers also have special terms set up with suppliers of materials. This can save money.

Consider the number of types of work that go into a bathroom:

  • Drywall
  • Framing
  • Flooring and floor coverings
  • Tile work
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Ventilation systems
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Wall coverings
  • Plus specialized knowledge of luxury bathroom materials and equipment.

Because they only do bathrooms, bathroom remodelers (or the subcontractors they work with) might have direct accounts with manufacturers of particular types of fixtures and materials. For example, while a general contractor might only need to purchase 3 toilets in a year, a bathroom remodeling specialist might need 100 in a year. The additional volume justifies the additional account management with a manufacturer.

They can assure quality work because they use most of the same work crew and subcontractors all the time. Bathroom remodelers may have a regular team of licensed sub-contractors and workers who are either their employees or are a team they use whenever possible. This saves training time, and it saves time because this team is used to working together. They know how to do their job and not be in someone else’s way.

Like other specialists, bathroom remodelers know where they can expect to encounter problems, and they can plan for surprises. They also have done enough bathrooms that they know certain things just don’t work. And, because Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan Fritschenthey do one thing and do it all the time, they are most likely to know about new fixtures, materials and design trends. In fact, working with a specialized bathroom remodeler might mean you don.t need another designer on the job.

Like other specialists, they will have the remodeling of a bathroom down to a science. This will save time; and saving time means that you will save money. They will have a standard order for doing each step of the remodeling process because they know what saves the most time, repeated effort, and money.

Bathroom remodelers can also be expected to have more knowledge of various types of equipment, fixtures and materials commonly used in bathrooms. For example, you might pick out a spa tub and tell the contractor this is the tub you want. A specialized bathroom remodeler might be able to help you and save you time, money and trouble, by warning you that three other clients who installed that particular tub had problems with the motor within 3 months. Or, they might be able to tell you that instead of purchasing the model you have chosen, they can get you a better tub that has more features, for less money by purchasing direct. To work out the cost of your bathroom remodel, try our online remodel cost calculator.

In general, working with bathroom remodelers makes your remodeling project go faster and smoother because you are using specialists. You will have access to the newest fixtures, appliances and materials, and you will be working with someone who knows about the new trends in bathroom design. All in all, bathroom remodelers are a terrific choice because they bring to the job a whole different level of knowledge and experience.